xmas recap

Oh my, what a fun Christmas we had this year. Ocean is finally at the age where Christmas is exciting and magical and he had a grand time opening his gifts. Iris fed off of his enthusiasm and the two of them were just hilarious. The holiday drama I anticipated was non-existent and, all things considered, the kids were fantastic for all the strange travel-related sleeping arrangements and lack of decent naps.

As for the gift assessment, Ocean loved everything, especially the Go Fishing game which I scored at Meijer for about 5 bucks. Iris loved the bows on the presents, so I know what she's getting next year. In retrospect, I should have anticipated the increase in my workload by purchasing a dollhouse. If it wasn't bad enough trying to keep one house clean, I now have a mini-version to keep tidy as well. I wonder if my cleaning lady does dollhouses...? Or Becky, if your elf is currently unemployed and looking for work I may have a sweet gig for him. Room and board included.


Cassady said...

Glad you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

Becky said...

Hilarious! And we got a dollhouse too! More tiny furniture to dust. . .and the elf is available for a winter gig. Just today Laura asked wistfully, "Can I get the elf back?" And I said, no, he's back at the north pole (by which I mean the top of the guest room closet). Glad y'all had a happy Christmas!