BabyTalk magazine did a recent survey and found that over 50 percent of those surveyed felt that it is essentially inappropriate to breastfeed in public. Over 70 pecent of Americans would be offended to see a nursing mother on television.
They didn't survey me, so this is my contribution to that piece:

Breasts exist for feeding babies. They can be sexual also, but when it's appropriate. If over 50 percent of Americans have a problem with seeing a little boob during a baby's meal, why am I not hearing anyone complain about the Victoria's Secret commercials? No babies, just boob. And some ass.

I will not go into a restroom to feed my baby. Would you eat your lunch in a room where people take craps? Don't expect my child to, either.

If my baby can ask for the breast, or just because he has some teeth, it does not mean he is too old for it. It means he is hungry, thirsty, or needs some comfort and that is what he will get. There are many benefits to nursing past the age of one year. From the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on breastfeeding: "It is recommended that breastfeeding continue for at least 12 months, and thereafter for as long as mutually desired."

I'm getting pretty pissed at the lack of education and sheer ignorance of people who insist that breastfeeding is shameful or should be done in private. Women, let's start supporting each other in motherhood and stop judging each other and our choices. I say give every mother the freedom to feed, whether by breast or bottle, anywhere she needs to.

And if my baby eating is offensive to you, why don't you finish your lunch in the bathroom.


what's new

So first of all, I posted yet another video of Ocean on MySpace. He started eating rice cereal this week! For those of you without children, no I don't mean Rice Krispies cereal... there is a special mushy cereal made from rice that is fed to babies. Snap, Crackle and Pop are not involved.

Also, for those who are interested, today Ocean and I paid a visit to the North Mecklenberg County Lactation Goddess and Ocean had her stumped with his lack of interest in nursing. I really have no idea what's going on and neither did she. Typically babies don't wean until they are at least 10 months, and even that is kind of early, but it seems that Mr. Ocean is much too busy to make the time to nurse. SO... the plan is to switch to exclusive pumping by day, and nursing by night (which is the only time he will breastfeed). I appreciate all the support and encouragement from everyone... I have decided that it's not worth my sanity to keep beating the proverbial dead horse. I am grieving a bit but know that this will ensure a much more positive relationship between me and my little man.

I also want to give a shout out to Rebecca. Dude, you need to quit lurking and get a MySpace. Thanks to Becca, I now have the cleanest floor in North Charlotte. And yes, we will be friends until we're blue in the hair


talk me down

I'm sick of fighting the breastfeeding battle. Ocean has been on a nursing strike for a month or more now. He will only eat while asleep (weird, I know). I went out and bought formula tonight but something in me just doesn't want to give up breastfeeding yet. I need some encouragement.