in a heartbeat

We had our first prenatal appointment today with our midwife and we heard the baby's heartbeat. It was 160... totally strong and on the high end of normal, just like Ocean's was. I think we may be in for it.

It's one thing to see a little pink line on a home pregnancy test; it's an entirely different experience to hear the "Whoomp-whoomp, whoomp-whoomp" of your unborn child's heart. There's actually a little growing person in there, swimming, flipping and twisting (at least that's what mine was doing, because the heartbeat kept moving around and we could hear sloshing with every turn). It all became so much more real today. And the experience was extra special this time around because Ocean wanted to sit on my tummy while we listened to the heartbeat. I know I'm emotional anyway but that just about sent me over the edge.

What a neat day. =)


two under two

Cat's out of the bag... I'm just over 11 weeks pregnant with baby number two. The due date is November 11, which (based on my track record) means you shouldn't expect the arrival any time before Thanksgiving.

We aren't sure if we will find out the sex, and we already have names but we aren't telling. It makes things more interesting that way. ;)

We will attempt a natural birth with this one as well, and we'll start Hypnobirthing classes soon.

The morning sickness is gone, except for an episode last week when Ocean decided to do a stinky while he was in the bath. He pooped and I started throwing up... we were quite a sight. Aside from that, I am feeling great overall, but for those of you who knew me when I was pregnant with Ocean... Pregnant Cassie is back in full force. I tend to isolate myself and not return phonecalls which is weird I know... it's like post partum but during partum. Anyway, please bear with me and don't take it personally if I get flaky. I'll be back to normal by Christmas.

Thanks, everyone, for the congratulatory notes. We'll keep you all posted!


home alone

My boys just took off for Midland for the bulk of the weekend. Ocean is riding in Daddy's car for the first time! We got him all settled and I leaned into the back seat and asked him for a kiss... he puckered up and planted one on my lips! This is the first time he hasn't open-mouth kissed me, or tried to rip my lips off when I lean in. What a little darling.

So I already cleaned the kitchen and folded two loads of laundry. I'm on my way to see Blades of Glory shortly (yes, alone... going to the movies by myself is one of my favorite extra-curricular activites) and plan to watch The Notebook two hundred times in a row tonight. Well, maybe not that many. But I'm looking forward to the down time and appreciate my husband giving me the weekend off so I can, in the words of Bob Marley, "Simmer Down".

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


a little devastated

What the crap happened to Sweet Tarts?! It's probably been 5 years since I've eaten them but I've been having a rough week and wanted some sugar to artificially boost my down in the dumpiness. So I bought a box yesterday and I was expecting to sink my tastebuds into that sweet, tart goodness. Instead I was met with disappointment. The purple now taste like crap, the red taste like barf, and don't even get me started on orange. At some point along the line they added blue, which sounds gross but by default has become my new favorite because it just tastes like cardboard with a hint of Hawaiian Punch. I can't believe I wasted 99 cents on this box of garbage. And yet, as I sit here writing, I have eaten about ten more of the little turds.

Why must things change when they were fine in the first place? Hey Sweet Tarts: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And I plan to call 1-800-358-1971 between 8am and 8pm M-F EST to let you know just that.


the mad tax dash

The dreaded taxes are finally done. I'm not sure why I wait so long to start them when we have all the documents we need by like February. They all sat in a neat-ish little pile in the office until roughly one day last week when I decided I better get my butt in gear and start Turbo Taxing it up. I hit a snafu when it came time to enter information for our stocks but it was quickly resolved with a frustrated call to Phil, who got it straightened out in no time.

I guess I just needed to vent the last few days to anyone and everyone who is going through the same stress I've been under with regard to taxes. I always feel a huge sense of relief once they are finished but it's inevitable... this time next year I'll be doing the mad tax dash once again.

Happy Filing!