prayers, good vibes, whateva

You know, I would love to be the perky, happy, glowing pregnant lady... but I've come to grips with the fact that I'm just NOT. While I am fortunate that my body is (clearly) capable of baby making I simply don't enjoy being pregnant.

I'm tired, y'all, and my hips are aching. My son is sucking the little bit of energy that I have left and I'm waking up seven times every night to pee. I have fallen three times in the past two weeks and have given up trying to eat well because I just don't have time. On top of everything else, my maternity clothes no longer fit and I honestly don't care that the bottom of my belly usually hangs out of my shirt. It's actually more comfortable that way because 23.5 hours of every day I feel like I'm going to DIE from heat exhaustion and the breeze feels quite nice.

In that vein, I've decided it's in everyone's best interests that I have this baby in four weeks. I can't make it 6 weeks to my due date but by week 38 baby should be nice and baked so let's get some happy thoughts going for the last week of October. Pray, do a baby dance, whatever you got. Let's get this party started!


today's life lessons

LIFE LESSON 1: Breyers Ice Cream is pure crap. CRAP. Ben and Jerry's is significantly more expensive but there is a very good, very delicious reason for that. It has substance. It is not fluffy. It is WORTH the extra money. Just in case you ever need to make a decision.

LIFE LESSON 2: Toys do not belong in the living room and now I know why. I got off the couch to go into the kitchen, stepped on a little plastic widget and the next thing I knew I was sprawled out on the floor with bruised knees. I'm not sure of two things:

1. How in the world I didn't land on my belly. It is huge and I fell forward. Somehow I rolled slightly to my left and ended up on my side instead of on my stomach. Close call... thank you little baby Jesus.

2. How in the world Phil was able to refrain from laughing until he made sure I was okay. He said he wasn't going to laugh at his pregnant wife falling on what looked like her stomach but I don't know how he didn't think it was hilarious. I mean, after the searing pain in my hips and knees started to wear off even I was laughing through my tears. When it comes to people falling my motto is laugh first, ask questions later.


when to say when

A quick little funny:

This morning Ocean and I got home from the grocery store right at nap time. When he's tired he has a difficult time controlling his emotions, as do most toddlers. We came in the apartment but because he wanted to stay outside he decided to express his displeasure by screaming and then headbutting my legs. I bent down, looked him in the eye and said the standard, "Ocean, you do not hit mommy. If you hit again, you will get a time-out." He nodded his head and ran into the hallway, where we "do" time-outs. I walked into the hallway and he was sitting, facing the wall with his legs crossed! I sat down behind him and counted to 30 as we always do and he just sat quietly, leaning against me, truly taking a time-out. At the end of the 30 seconds he smiled, gave me a kiss and went to find his stuffed duck, completely calm and centered.

I guess even babies know when they've lost control and need a break in order to get themselves together. I could probably learn a thing or two from this kid...