a walk on the child side

Oh, yeah. This just happened:

And it took me back here, when Iris took those first few steps.

I get all kinds of disbelieving looks when I say life gets easier when baby starts walking. Experienced moms click their tongue at me and new moms say I'm crazy.

Which is probably valid.

Say what you will. I stand by my argument that walkers are easier than crawlers. Yes, walkers have a bit more potential to get into stuff and yes, you kiss a lot more boo-boos but aside from that there's a new kind of freedom that happens for baby and mom once they get to runnin' around. Baby is now free to explore her environment on her terms and I get to do things two-handed again. Score.

I relished this transition with Ocean and Iris but it's bittersweet this time since Ruby is absolutely, positively the last baby. I can hardly believe she will be the big O-N-E in a few short days. I seem to have misplaced the last year of my life. Has anyone seen it?


college collage

This conversation just happened this evening in the car:

Ocean: When I get big to go to college, I'm not going to go to college.

Me: What will you do instead?

Ocean: School.

Me: Well college is school, but it's the kind of school where you go and live there and learn stuff.

I hear a sob and look in the rear view mirror to see Iris crying.

Me: Iris, what's wrong?

Iris: (chin quivering, tears now streaming) I don't want Ocean to leave!

Ocean: Well that's my choice, Iris.

Me: Ocean! She's sad... please be sweet to her.

Ocean: It's okay Iris.

Me: Iris, maybe you and Ocean could go live at college together, just the two of you.

Iris: (wailing) But I will miss YOU!

Me: Okay, okay... what if you guys go to Michigan and you can live in our basement. We'll get you some bunk beds and you can have an apartment down there.

O & I: Yeah!

Iris: We can have our own college in the basement!

Ocean: And we can draw ALL OVER the walls!