a walk on the child side

Oh, yeah. This just happened:

And it took me back here, when Iris took those first few steps.

I get all kinds of disbelieving looks when I say life gets easier when baby starts walking. Experienced moms click their tongue at me and new moms say I'm crazy.

Which is probably valid.

Say what you will. I stand by my argument that walkers are easier than crawlers. Yes, walkers have a bit more potential to get into stuff and yes, you kiss a lot more boo-boos but aside from that there's a new kind of freedom that happens for baby and mom once they get to runnin' around. Baby is now free to explore her environment on her terms and I get to do things two-handed again. Score.

I relished this transition with Ocean and Iris but it's bittersweet this time since Ruby is absolutely, positively the last baby. I can hardly believe she will be the big O-N-E in a few short days. I seem to have misplaced the last year of my life. Has anyone seen it?


tim's wife said...

Wow, a year already?! You're right, this one blew by in record speed.
Olivia started walking a week before she turned 9 months old. I had no idea this could happen that young.
It was very bittersweet because I kinda knew she was to be an "only" and it made that real infancy period seem to be over in a flash.
Once she started walking, she did not want to be carried or even helped again. She would wave your hand away if you even tried to hold her hand. Miss Independent.

Alysa said...

I totally agree. Each milestone brought a happier baby. Sitting up, crawling, walking. Congratulations Ruby!!