Our friend Adam, Photographer Extraordinaire, took some pictures of us a few weeks ago when he was in town. He posted them to his site today. I'm shamelessly posting the link here because he's insanely talented and I want him to get as much business as possible. But also because, let's face it, who doesn't love showing off their kids?!

Click on the link below, enter site, then select Client Lounge. Password is brabbs.


My son and his buddy at the strawberry patch. I think Ocean's the one on the right.


it's a sickness.

My newest obsession: Coupons. And especially at CVS. There is a whole new world that has been opened up to me and I will never be the same. And I may never have to spend pre-tax money there again. It's all in the Extra Care Bucks, man.

Yesterday I spent 98 cents at CVS. I walked out with two boxes of Cheerios, two bottles of Listerine, two bottles of laundry detergent and $20 in coupons to be used on a future purchase of practically anything in the store. Essentially they paid me twenty dollars to shop there.

At Meijer last night I saved $80 off my total bill. EIGHTY freaking dollars. Of course people looked at me like I was a crazy woman when I walked in with my coupon binder and printed lists. And naturally the woman behind me got annoyed when I had a zillion coupons that needed to be scanned. But when my total grocery bill was lowered 40% I had the last laugh. Oh yes I did.

Phil says I'm finally speaking his Love Language. I'm just excited to finally have a hobby. I've already got the sweats waiting for tomorrow's newspaper to come out.

They tried to make me go to coupon rehab but I said no, no, no.