it's a sickness.

My newest obsession: Coupons. And especially at CVS. There is a whole new world that has been opened up to me and I will never be the same. And I may never have to spend pre-tax money there again. It's all in the Extra Care Bucks, man.

Yesterday I spent 98 cents at CVS. I walked out with two boxes of Cheerios, two bottles of Listerine, two bottles of laundry detergent and $20 in coupons to be used on a future purchase of practically anything in the store. Essentially they paid me twenty dollars to shop there.

At Meijer last night I saved $80 off my total bill. EIGHTY freaking dollars. Of course people looked at me like I was a crazy woman when I walked in with my coupon binder and printed lists. And naturally the woman behind me got annoyed when I had a zillion coupons that needed to be scanned. But when my total grocery bill was lowered 40% I had the last laugh. Oh yes I did.

Phil says I'm finally speaking his Love Language. I'm just excited to finally have a hobby. I've already got the sweats waiting for tomorrow's newspaper to come out.

They tried to make me go to coupon rehab but I said no, no, no.


Daniel said...

Cassie - so proud of you! It warms my heart to hear you so passionate about saving money! :)

Steph said...

this is hilarious. Are you a fan of babycheapskate too? :) you have a binder?!!!!!