college collage

This conversation just happened this evening in the car:

Ocean: When I get big to go to college, I'm not going to go to college.

Me: What will you do instead?

Ocean: School.

Me: Well college is school, but it's the kind of school where you go and live there and learn stuff.

I hear a sob and look in the rear view mirror to see Iris crying.

Me: Iris, what's wrong?

Iris: (chin quivering, tears now streaming) I don't want Ocean to leave!

Ocean: Well that's my choice, Iris.

Me: Ocean! She's sad... please be sweet to her.

Ocean: It's okay Iris.

Me: Iris, maybe you and Ocean could go live at college together, just the two of you.

Iris: (wailing) But I will miss YOU!

Me: Okay, okay... what if you guys go to Michigan and you can live in our basement. We'll get you some bunk beds and you can have an apartment down there.

O & I: Yeah!

Iris: We can have our own college in the basement!

Ocean: And we can draw ALL OVER the walls!


Alysa said...


Big EZ said...

What joy we have as parents when we see our offspring showing love for each other! And with the cost of higher education ever increasing...that basement apartment idea may catch on.

Ellen Colberg said...

Do they love their mama or what?
You always have the best stories.
I've missed your bloggin' and am glad you are back! Still praying for you guys all the time :)

C said...

I see nothing wrong with this plan. Living in the basement and drawing on the walls...

Just get them a couple of World of Warcraft accounts and they will be golden!

Aviva said...

So, when they're in high school and setting their hearts on outrageously expensive universities, just make sure you have this blog post to pull out so you can remind them what a HUGE favor you are doing them by allowing them to go to their in-state college. ;-) (Which, considering what a good school Michigan is shouldn't be a hardship. :)

Cassie said...

Aviva- NICE!