two under two

Cat's out of the bag... I'm just over 11 weeks pregnant with baby number two. The due date is November 11, which (based on my track record) means you shouldn't expect the arrival any time before Thanksgiving.

We aren't sure if we will find out the sex, and we already have names but we aren't telling. It makes things more interesting that way. ;)

We will attempt a natural birth with this one as well, and we'll start Hypnobirthing classes soon.

The morning sickness is gone, except for an episode last week when Ocean decided to do a stinky while he was in the bath. He pooped and I started throwing up... we were quite a sight. Aside from that, I am feeling great overall, but for those of you who knew me when I was pregnant with Ocean... Pregnant Cassie is back in full force. I tend to isolate myself and not return phonecalls which is weird I know... it's like post partum but during partum. Anyway, please bear with me and don't take it personally if I get flaky. I'll be back to normal by Christmas.

Thanks, everyone, for the congratulatory notes. We'll keep you all posted!

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