snow day

We woke up to many, many inches of snow on the ground, and it was still coming down. There was no way any of us were going anywhere and two of us are bootless (ridiculous, I know) so I decided to make the most out of it and have an indoor snow day with the kiddos.

First, we did this:

I filled the kitchen sink with snow, Ocean and I put on our gloves and built tiny snowmen. When our fingers got cold, we did this:

A snow fort under the comforter. After a snack of "snowflakes" (popcorn), we made our own, and hung them in the window of the playroom:

We watched Backyardigans "Snow Fort" while we ate lunch, and the kids went down for a nap. Then Phil had his own snow fun:

We kept watching people get stuck on our street and after a few minutes of watching this guy and realizing he wasn't going to make it without some assistance Phil went out to help. After about 15 minutes, 2 carpet squares, a huge cardboard box and lots of muscle he was liberated.

Soup for dinner, warm baths and tea before bed and lots of wintery christmas carols rounded out our super-fun snow day. I think tomorrow we'll have a beach party... the novelty of all this cold, white stuff will have worn off by the morning.


Steph said...

you sound so calm after being homebound with two kiddos all day. Hooray for you!! :) You are a wonderful (and innovative!) mom.

Alysa said...

You are so creative! Sounds like fun :) We were supposed to get snow on Wednesday, but then it turned out to be 60 degrees instead. We have the worst weather forecasters here!

Cassie said...

Steph, it's not calm... it's the obliteration of my brain cells. (Sorry I missed you at church this morning. I was hoping to catch up a little bit!)

Alysa, I laughed out loud at the prospect of you guys getting snow. Maybe you'll have a Christmas miracle, eh? =)