cindy lou to the rescue!

My wonderful mother-in-law is coming to Ann Arbor tomorrow to save my toddler's life.

It was either Grandma come here or send him to live with her. Which he actually said he wanted to do at the suggestion, and immediately began gathering his things. I can't say I blame the kid... mommy has been grouchy. But in my defense, my brain seems to short-circuit after a week's worth of nonstop whining and crying (no exaggeration- NON. STOP.) from someone who is generally fairly effective at communicating by "using his words." Yesterday was one long time-out. Today hasn't been much better. I'm being broken down slowly and I can't take it anymore. It's like this. Except I'd trade the whining for a little Rage Against the Machine any day.

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Candice said...

Poor girl....hope you get a little relaxation! :)