ho ho ho

As I was wrapping presents the other night, half-watching Glamour's Fashion Dos and Don'ts (besides the blatantly obvious no-nos such as not letting your undergarments be seen and never over-plucking or drawing on your eyebrows, I learned a little bit... like it's okay to wear white after labor day, and- praise the Lord- panty hose are OUT!) I had this brief moment of thinking that it was nice not feeling stressed out about the holidays. I'm very excited to watch my kids' faces light up on Christmas morning, and to make 'birthday muffins' for baby Jesus, and to spend time with family members whom we don't get to see very often.

Then suddenly tonight I found myself tossing and turning in bed with visions of potential snowstorms and incessant narcissism dancing in my head and I had to come downstairs to take a homeopathic sleep aid (I won't call it a sleeping pill because the FDA won't either). So now here I sit on the couch, continuing to stress about stupid things that aren't even a big deal and certainly aren't in my control anyway. I appreciate the perspective of my almost-3 year-old. The kid knows nothing of holiday stress. Each night at bedtime he excitedly cuts a ring off of his Christmas Chain, we belt out Christmas Carols in the car, we draw pictures of Christmas Trees for his friends... and just tonight he was running in circles yelling, "2 more days until Christmas! Jesus is coming!" (He's certainly right about the former; I just might need a little more time to prepare for the latter.)

So in order to end today on a good note before I end up passing out on the floor from this sleep aid that is seriously no joke, here is my attempt at positive self-talk in order to induce a pleasant slumber: Tomorrow is a new day. I will avoid the crowded insanity of the mall and I will finish wrapping these gifts that were thoughtfully purchased and I will not concern myself with weather problems or poorly timed Big Announcements. I will use caffeine and/or alcohol if necessary. Come hell, high water or Rudolph, I am vowing to be of good cheer, dammit.

And to all a good night.


Jobi Harrell said...

We have a Christmas Chain too...
Scissors + toddlers = True Christmas Joy!

Steph said...

you are so cute and i think we are very alike in some respects. :) i hope you had a good rest. christmas day will be beautiful. i really like your baby Jesus muffins idea.. it reminds me of ricky bobby. and.. pantyhose are out? surely they're not out for people who NEED to be wearing them, eh? .. I'll have to get a primer from you before I get back into the courtroom.

Becky said...

Right on, sister. Caffeine and alcohol are some of the most precious gifts of Christmas. Or almost. So have a fun morning with the kiddos! And Merry Christmas to y'all.

tiffany said...

if you ever need any help with that caffeine or alcohol, you just hit me up, lady. i'm an expert at both.
hope you had a fabulous holiday!