i love jesus but i drink a little

If you watch Ellen then chances are good that you've seen this. Click on the black screen to play.


Momof4 said...

I'm the sister of Burrill that tipped him off to your blog. I do the whole coupon thing on the west side of our fair state, mostly Meijer, there's no Kroger here! I was doing Savings Angel - they do all the matching of store sales w/ coupons and rebates for you - but it cost $20/month, so I do it on my own now. I'll keep checking your envirosavings one for Meijer deals. Thanks! Oh yeah, I laughed so hard at the Ellen clip I almost couldn't breathe.

Cindy said...

Oh Cassie...I saw this when it aired the first time on Ellen. I laughed so hard. LOL

Erin Wilson said...

Absolutely brilliant!! Thanks for posting for those of use who aren't able to watch American TV too easily :)