new header

I'm playing around with new headers. You may see a bunch of different ones in the next few days since I'm hopelessly addicted to Scrapblog and I felt it was time for a fresh look.

If you see one that you particularly like feel free to let me know.


Amy McKenna said...

Cute header. The owls look like, "Spilled milk all over the floor? What spilled milk? It wasn't me!"

Cassie said...

Exactly what I was going for Amy! They're all, "Whooooooooooooo, me?"

And it's no coincidence that there are two of them. (I was going to label them 'Ocean' and 'Iris' but I'm all about subtlety.)

Becky said...

Cute! I am kind of addicted to owls.

And I too am addicted to Scrapblog. I've been fiddling around with things on there, but I lack confidence. What do you think of the new for-pay features on there?