maybe this post should be a drinking game.

The kids and I frequently travel the four blocks to my dad's work so the kids can run around upstairs, play with physio balls and eat from the snack jar Papa keeps on his desk (dried fruit and yogurt raisins). While we're there the swimmers are usually in the middle of some sort of workout, many times in (duh) their swim suits.

Big Tens are currently going on here so we've spent significant time at the natatorium the last two days, and there are many more girls in swim suits bustling about than there usually are.

Suddenly this morning Ocean decided he wanted to go swimming and the following conversation ensued:

Ocean: I could go swimming in the pool.
Me: You want to swim today?
O: Yeah, but I could just wear my swim suit and not take my penis off.
Me: Wait... what?
O: I could not have to take my penis off. And I could just wear my swim suit not like the girls. And I not have goggles too. I not take my penis off. (shaking his head fervently and furrowing his brow)
Me: No, Ocean... you can keep your penis. Do you mean that you couldn't see penises under the girls' swim suits?
O: Yeah.
Me: That's because girls don't have penises. Remember? Who has penises?
O: Boys has penises. And girls.... girls doesn't have penises! (throwing his hands up and looking relieved)

I can't wait until this kid is a teenager. And, inconsequentially, I've never said or typed the word "penis" so much in my life.


amy said...

you are hilarious!!!

tiffany said...

O. M. G.

i don't even know what to say. i'm just laughing hysterically.

Jenny said...

That is just freaking hilarious!! Oi, kids...

Lindsey said...

and they keep getting better! LOL

amy said...

that is one of the greatest things i've ever read. the best comedy writer in hollywood could not make this stuff up.

Becky said...

Poor guy! Maybe he was really worried about those girls losing their penises!