of note.

I'm sorry to everyone who went to the Ann Arbor Vineyard first church service yesterday. That was my daughter screaming her little lungs out in the lobby. For the first time ever the nursery workers had to come pull me out of church to get her because she was inconsolable. We ended up leaving midway through the sermon. I'm guessing it was her molars because, well, when I asked if her mouth hurt she said, "Yeah." And also because Motrin helped. But seriously, first servicers, sorry about all the racket.
I've been immensely. stressed. out. the last few days. My friend Mandy came and picked me up this morning and we went to Arbor Brewing Company for an early lunch. It wasn't long before I was sobbing into my tempeh burger, spilling all my dirty and my whole sad story and, like a good friend, she listened and then responded with, "You need a massage." The woman then whipped out her iPhone, called a little place and sweet talked them into squeezing us in within the hour. On our way there we stopped at Whole Foods to do some lookin' around and grabbed a cup of coffee at a local shop. It ended up being a fantastic morning. If you don't know Mandy, you oughta.
My big brother has been in town from San Francisco for the last couple of weeks. He goes back tomorrow and that is very sad, because it's been nice having him around again. We always have such lovely little chats about Cougars and magic mushrooms and Scientology. I lub him.
Ocean is sleeping in his big boy bed! Grandma and Grandpa came down on Sunday to put it together (Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!) and we had no issues with the transition. Well, just for a moment last night when he looked longingly at his crib (which I left set up just in case) and said, "I want my crib." After explaining that everything was the same except for the actual bed, he did fine and slept all night. Nap today, fine. Bedtime tonight, easy. I may or may not have shed a tiny tear over the fact that I have to break down his crib tomorrow.


Amy McKenna said...

OOOOHHHH! The big boy bed is sooooo cute!

Jobi Harrell said...

Good times, Cassie. Good times.
It's gotta rock sleepin' in Lightening McQueen!!!

Sgt. Wolverine said...

"He did what in his cup?!"

That line in Cars made me laugh out loud.