my sea of joy

So I'm sure you all have heard by now that our entire family got taken out by the stomach flu this weekend. Poor little Ocean. Is there anything worse than seeing your child sick and not being able to bring them any comfort? I just kept telling him, "You're so brave, Ocean." By 1am he was screaming, "I not brave, Mommy, I scared!" And by then I was in the throws of the worst of it myself so we were quite a pair.

We both crashed on the floor of the playroom with piles of blankets and pillows, and this morning I awoke to my little boy curled up beside me, awake, rubbing my cheek and saying, "You okay, Mommy? I so proud of you. I hold your hand?" He had also surrounded me with all of his 'cuddlies'... his special blanket, pillow and about 4 stuffed animals. I have no idea how long he had been laying there next to me but it made waking up feeling rotten much more bearable.

We are once again camped out on the playroom floor; he got sick again this evening and is running a fever so I want to stay close to him tonight.

For a little entertainment value, here is his first ever portrait of me, drawn on his Magnadoodle:

I know I'm his mom but I think he's pretty talented, especially this being his first attempt at drawing a human being and all. He even remembered to include my neck.


Steph said...

what a sweet boy! praying that you all will feel better soon!!!

Becky said...

He's a sweetheart! I am so sorry y'all are sick!

Jobi Harrell said...

Drawing: Genious.
Now Anne too, is ill. I let her look at Iris' newest picture -who knew these bugs could travel so far?! We're steeped in yuck right along with you. Prayers all around.

Melissa said...

Over Thanksgiving break while visiting Aaron's folks, Aaron, myself, and his family got plummeted by this year's flu and I literally thought I was dying. If not from the illness itself, from the embarrassment of disgustedly sharing one bathroom among four seriously ill people.

I'm so sorry it got to you guys, too. This year's flu is killer. Take it easy and feel better!