a few thousand words

My mom just uploaded a bunch of pictures and I picked through them this evening. The first 3 are from our beach trip in September.
This just might be my most favorite picture of Ocean ever. Phil took it. I didn't know about his hidden talent.

Washing sand off our hands and out of "our" mouths.

There was a cuter one of Iris and me in the pool but I was still nursing so my ta-tas were taking up half the picture. Far too distracting. Plus I like the way Iris is pointing to an airplane and making fish sounds in this one. (She was a little confused.)

This last one is from Christmas. I like it for two reasons. First of all, something was obviously funny enough to make us laugh, thus capturing a rare on-camera smile for my big bro. Second, I just realized that it is one of many photos where I am being swarmed by my children. I will have to post them all in a series sometime.


Amy McKenna said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing them!

Becky said...

I love it! You are being swarmed by children. Mine hover around me in low-earth orbit too.

Cassady said...

Super cute photos :) Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well

Balazers said...

i miss you. i miss you. i miss you. love the pics!

Cassie said...

Linds, I miss you too! Can't wait until you're back. =)