"what the flip?" friday

I don't get it...

90% of children's books. They suck. And the suckier they are the more my kids want to hear them.

The huge moth in our spare bedroom. How on earth did he get in? And how long has he been there? 

My son's recent fascination with zebras and fish-faces. 

Heated political debates over the existence of public libraries, public parks, public transportation and public education. Oh, no wait. Heated political debates over those things don't happen. 

How it is possible that I spend roughly a hundred percent of my time looking for stuff. Most recent example: it took me 4.25 minutes to find the lid to the peanut butter jar.

Berry picking should be FUN for children. FUN. So why did my youngest stand in one spot of the berry patch sobbing, Mommyyyyyyyyy.... Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! with a berry basket tied to her waist while it took me two hours to pick a quart of raspberries?

Vibrating mascara. Like I need any more help poking myself in the eye.


Amy said...

My children also have shown NO interest in picking berries. I think you're on to something here. Kids today!

And well done for finding the lid to the peanut butter. I am ashamed to admit that I would've given up after about 2 minutes.

amy said...

agree on kids books (although have far less familiarity with them). ever seen click clack moo? best kids book ever and with a great moral regarding the importance of unionizing :)

Fantastic Forrest said...

Those public libraries, parks, transportation, etc. are just steps on the slippery slope toward communism!


I'm a fellow follower of Suburban Matron. Saw you say something good in the comments over there and followed you home. Nice blog! :)

Bex said...

perhaps vibrating mascara is for applying mascara in the car - you know like two wrongs make a right - or two moving and dangerous things when it has to do with putting sharp pointy things near your eyes make a pretty eyelash? and does it clump?

Miranda said...

Phil said you'd be amused by this, so here goes.... I was reading further back in your blog when I got to vibrating mascara, which made me laugh and is about as far back as I got earlier. I'm not sure how long it was later but I realized the 2 facial goat hairs my mom blessed me with (thanks mom!!!) were growing wild again and so I dashed for the tiny tweezers on the swiss army knife I keep with me at all times for just such an emergency. If I don't keep these in check, they will grow down and around my chin. The one on my left is pure white and the one on right is pure black. (I wonder if it will ever go grey...) If you ever see them get REALLY long, I'm either doing it for a fund-raising event for charity or you need to lock me up and take away the straight-jacket key I have in my jewelry box. There! Not sure if you are laughing yourselves silly or looking at this funny, but it was on my mind.

Miranda said...

LOL and I posted it under something besides vibrating mascara. Sigh.