more pictures.

Iris and my dad. She isn't enjoying this vacation as much as I would like. In other words, she screams every time we try to take her down to the beach.

Naked lunch:

Ocean and I in the pool:

Phil and I on our 5 year anniversary date (it was Thursday):

Ocean doing a shark imitation at the aquarium:


Steph - the 313 said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Your pictures are beautiful. I hope you had a "restful" vacation (restful takes on a funner meaning when you've got kids. :) )

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary! You both look gorgeous.

I'm cracking up at the naked lunch. That is a perfect beach moment.

Jobi Harrell said...

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Bex said...

there's just no lunch like a naked lunch. i tell you. yessiree.

tim's wife said...

Good thing your hubby is wearing dark shorts in the naked lunch shot. I must admit, I got a little nervous when I realized there was a big person in the backround showing lotsa skin too. Whew! For a split second I thought, "oh no she didn't!"

Amy said...

These are great!! That's funny about Iris--our kids used to be scared of the beach, too. I think it was a combination of the sound of the waves crashing and the texture of the sand on their feet. Sensory overload!

You look beautiful. Happy Anniversary!