fragments of funny

Many ridiculous things have been going on and if I currently had the ability or desire to form a cohesive thought I'd probably have a more clever way to present them. But really I just want to get them written down so I can throw away all of these durn post-it notes. So here they be.


Ocean and Iris were chatting on the porch in their swimsuits. 
Iris: [points at Ocean's nipple] What's that?
Ocean: It's my mole.
Me: It's your nipple.
Ocean: It's my nipple.
Iris: Ooooooh! Nipple!
Ocean: Yeah, it's for the milk.
Iris: Milk?
Ocean: Yeah, for my baby.
Iris: [looks horrified, probably because she never liked nursing anyway]


Iris calls lasagna Zanana.


When Ocean doesn't hear you he asks, "What you said?"


Any item bearing the label "Spot Clean Only" is practically an open invitation for one of my children to urinate all over said item. Thankfully, I don't pay attention to labels. In other words, Ocean's stuffed zebra will never be the same.


Ocean: [yaaaaaaaaaaaawn]
Iris: [looking disgusted] Excuse you. Ex. Cuse.


My mom: Ocean, I was watching you run around on the beach earlier and you just looked like such a big boy!
Ocean: Maybe it's the sunglasses?


Amy said...

These are great! I love the "Ex.Cuse." Only the beginning of Iris being disgusted by her big bro, I'm sure!

Amy said...

What adorable little snippets. And I do those post-it notes too!

In fact, I have quite a little collection going on the wall here and I think I might just have to totally steal your idea. Oooh, it could be an irregular weekly thing, for Fridays, cos I love me some alliteration!

Bex said...

so cute! don't you love getting to watch your little ones grow into such funny people?

Cassie said...

Funny Fragment Friday... I like it! For all of those half-composed posts that are better suited to Twitter. (But I still refuse to conform!)

Becky said...

Ex. Cuse. is my new thang now.

I love that Ocean is ready to nurse a child if need be!

Mom said...

Don't forget Iris always wanting to ride in the "alligator" at the beach house! Mom