you can't make this stuff up.

From our local Craig's List: [my real-time thoughts are in brackets]

Free to good home:
1 1/2 yr. old pit mix needs new home.
Neutered, excellent with kids, very energetic!
Loves to chase our two cats throughout the house.
[Funny... though probably not for the cats]
Is extremely protective of his owners/family.
Knows a few tricks, stays when told, and comes when called by name or whistle.
Crate trained/potty trained.
[Sounds like a great dog!
Where do I sign?]
Our family situation has recently changed drastically and Rage needs more attention than we can give. [Say what now?]
This guy will make a family very happy if given the time and attention he so deserves! [Ummm... I have to go talk to a guy about a thing. I'll be back.]

A pitbull named Rage. Awwww, that's so adorable. Don't everyone offer to take him at once.


tiffany said...

i read that post, too. i was also scared.

Becky said...

Um, yeah, maybe they need to be more forthcoming about any issues that Rage may have. Just a little bit.

Becky said...

My sister has 3 Pitbulls. She named them Diablo, Razor and Morgan. Morgan is an unassuming name, fairly normal for a dog, but Razor and Diablo? I hope she never has to post an ad for those two! I'm sure it would solicit the same reaction that Rage's ad got.