that hollyweird gonna get to ya

A movie is totally being filmed on my street. This movie, to be precise. Check out that cast! And apparently they've been all over the area filming for the past couple of months and I've been too busy having emotional crises to notice. But whatever, the set is less than two blocks from my house and base camp is at a church two blocks west of there. If you buy me a pony I'll reveal my exact location. Or you could just drive through the general area and look for the massive vehicles and signs that say "SET - THIS WAY".

I took the kids for a stroll this evening to see what we could see, but the road was completely barricaded and there were semi trucks parked all over our narrow little street. White shuttle vans have been zipping back and forth between the set and base camp all day. I was relieved to discover they were a part of all the action because I was starting to think someone was casing the joint.

The kids and I were going to walk down to the ice cream shop but because of the barricades we couldn't get there without having to go way out of our way. I feigned aggravation but inside I was thinking how very cool this is. I haven't seen this much action in our neighborhood since we had to cut down a huge oak tree in our yard and a neighbor was so upset over it that she threatened to chain herself to the tree. Right before she called the police. Welcome to my little slice of crazy.

Anyway, I kind of had to restrain myself from storming base camp, asking for the famous people. The only thing really holding me back was my dignity lack of something to write on. I can see it now: "Hey, are you famous? Can I get an autograph? No, I don't have any paper. Here, just sign my baby's head. Yes, I'll get out of the port-a-john now. Gosh, famous people are so stuck-up." Awesome.


Becky said...

I saw filming going on behind Puffer Red's in Ypsi as I was driving to class last week and wondered what movie it was for. I'm going to guess it was for the same one you're talking about. I saw no cool famous people though, just lots of signs that said "Extras park in THIS LOT" pointing to a public lot like 4 blocks from where they were filming. I guess extras don't get awesome parking like the famous people do.

Balazers said...

I heard something about some huge tax incentives to make films in MIchigan... maybe this is the first of many films in your area. And maybe, as more famous people come to the mitten, they will love it and hang out at all the cool places and we can be like, "Hey Hilary (or Hils as we'll call her), see you at Pizza House (or the House as we'll call it)." Oh it will be so great. And I know the House isn't necessarily the "coolest" place, but its the first I could think of. :)

Jobi Harrell said...

Interesting post...
It's just a reality out here -I had forgotten that there was life outside of film shoots everywhere. I swear every Thursday here City Hall is covered and it makes our little walk to church super annoying...I might write about it some time.

Cassie said...

Hehe, Becky and Lindsay!

Jobi, you should write about it. =) There are certain places you expect to see celebrities (like Cali and NYC, naturally) but Ann Arbor? Not so much. I think that's why everyone here was all twitterpated.

Alas, they have wrapped up filming at this location and I didn't see any stars. Life goes on. And now I can walk to the ice cream shop again.