well-behaved female trains rarely make history

The feminist in me was totally appalled at today's episode of Thomas the Train. Here's a slightly abridged and extremely paraphrased version of what went down.

James, Diesel and Percy are all trying to get to the washing station which Emily is parked in front of. James tries to intimidate her by getting up in her face and yelling, "Move, bitch!" Emily doesn't move. 'Atta girl. Then Diesel gets all handsy and ends up pushing her. Still, Emily is all, "Screw you, Diesel," and pushes him back, and maybe even kicks him in the crotch. It was hard to tell. Either way, way to stand your ground, mama. Finally, Percy swaggers up to Emily and turns on the charm. "Hey baby, if you really loved me you'd back that thing up." Emily giggles, bats her eyes and moves out of the way.

"NOOOOO! What are you teaching our daughters, Emily?!" I screamed, scaring the Jeebus out of my kids.

Supposedly it was a lesson in being polite, but whatever. I'm totally going to burn my bra.

And also I've had way too much caffeine this morning.


Balazers said...

I'll join you.. as long as we're burning our nursing bras. I have to few of the others. :)

Lindsey said...

oh goodness Cass...its good to have you back!!

tiffany said...

i always knew that percy was a dick.
pardon my language, but seriously.

The 313 said...

happy happy birthday!!!!!