it's all fun and games until someone totally bites it

Despite it being so, so freezing today, we ventured out of doors to dominate some sidewalk chalk. Ocean and I played a vicious game of hopscotch and he got a little overzealous with the hopping. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but somehow he launched himself about a foot into the air, got his right foot caught on his left ankle and came down flat on his face. I scooped him up and evaluated the damage. Even though it seemed like his face should have been in the worst shape, he was holding his hands in the air and crying, "My hands got burned!"

Me: Oh, I'm so sorry you're hurt! It looked really awesome, though.

Ocean: Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Me: Is it just your hands that hurt?

O: Yeahhhhhhhh! I burned them!

Me: I think you scraped them.

O: Yeah, I scraped themmmmmmmm!

Me: Well that's okay. Mommy can fix them.

O: *sniff* With scissors?

Me: No...

O: With crayons?

Me: Huh?

O: Oh. With boots.

Me: Am I being Punked?

He was fine once we went into the house and then, as further evidence that he has inherited my dexterity, he fell over backwards trying to take his coat off.


LisaRoze said...

Too funny! I always try to tell them how cool they looked after they crash - so far they aren't usually too convinced; that is until daddy comes home and then they make it sound like Stunt Show 2009.

Becky said...

With crayons??? LOL. Mama can always fix it one way or another.

Yesterday my Hank face-planted too, running down the driveway. He was carrying a screwdriver--yes, running with sharp objects--and thought he did not stab himself, he scraped off half of one of his fingernails. Ouch! We had a night of drama around that, poor buddy.

Cassie said...

Lisa, they are so different depending on which parent is hearing the story vs. who was actually there. Ocean completely played it off like it was nothing when he told his dad about it.

Becky.... oh, poor Hank! Fingernail/toenail issues make me want to pass out; congratulations on staying conscious. (I assume?) I hope the little guy feels better today!