this has nothing to do with anything. unless you're a lobster. or an ear. i guess.

When one has taken Nyquil, the words crustacean and eustachian sound very similar and one might spend a lot of time thinking about how they could be easily interchanged and how funny it would be if your doctor said something like Your crustacean is inflamed. Then later, when the Nyquil fog has worn off and one goes to blog about it, they might realize that it's not really that funny.

So instead here are my favorite quotes of the week.

At the park: "I learned a very valuable lesson, mom. If you jump off a swing you could land on your face."

At Mother's Day brunch: "You have something on your shirt. I noticed it while I was checking out your boobs."

On the phone: "Yeah, but Los Angeles was full of crazy people. You have to remember that there's no one out here in Clearwater but Scientologists."

Happy Hump Day, friends.


Bex said...

at least there is honesty about staring at your boobs! i just hate it when someone stares at my boobs then tries to deny it when i ask them, "do you think they real?"

(ok, maybe you don't know me that well, but that was a joke - my boobs are real and teeny weeny, one might need a magnifying glass if one were to try to ogle my boobies).

Amy said...

One more reason to love Nyquil! :) Hope you're feeling better though.

And those quotes are hilarious! It reminds of that Friends ep when Rachel is like, "It's ok. I have nice boobs."

Becky said...

Ha ha! Please tell me that Ocean said that about your boobs!

Cassie said...

Bex... HAHAHA! I have the same issue after breastfeeding which apparently doesn't faze some people. At all.

Amy-- there is a Friends quote for every life situation. (HUGE Friends fan here, and I love that episode!)

Becky, no. It was my other toddler. The 28 year old one.

Wendy said...

LOL. That boobs quote is hysterical. Gotta love refreshing honesty! :)