i don't even have a speech prepared...

The amazing Bex bestowed this super-rad award upon my blog. See how shiny?

So now I'm supposed to tag seven other insanely wonderful (wonderfully insane?) folks and then we all write ten things about ourselves. Sounds like fun, eh?

Here are the official-ish rules:
You must write a post saying that you received this prestigious award and link back to me so everyone knows I think you're the bestest. Choose seven blogs that you love and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Then, in your blog, list ten honest things about yourself.

Here are my award winners:
1. Andrea at The Good Life
2. Amy at Matron Down Under
3. Steph at Grace x2
4. SuperTiff
5. Jobi at My Life As Me
6. Amy at Roboranch
7. Cassady at Healthy Economic Savings

And now for my ten things. Ahem...

1. I drink whole milk. I love it.
2. Phil and I didn't get married because we were in love. (And no, we weren't pregnant either, smart-ass.) We got married because we had the same values and goals for our lives. And Phil recently revealed that he married me because he knew I wouldn't let him be a slacker at life in general. Damn straight. Apparently according to our pre-marital compatibility tests we are one of the most compatible couples in the universe. You'd never know it by the way we bicker.
3. I would sleep until 10:00 each morning if I could. Instead I have to get up at butt-thirty every day.
4. My brother is a Scientologist and he just quit his job to go work for the Church of Scientology and I really haven't talked to him in a very long time and I'm kind of worried. So if you hear from him let me know. Wow, that wasn't really a fact about me at all.
5. I love going to dinner and the movies by myself.
6. In high school I was the the psycho jealous girlfriend. (Sorry high school boyfriend.) Now I am the wife who encourages guys nights and would pay money to hear her husband say another woman is attractive. (He won't.)
7. I love my kids so much that it physically hurts me sometimes.
8. And other times I want to send them to live with their grandparents.
9. I think my feet are pretty attractive. You know, as feet go. Maybe because they are the only part of me that didn't change (too much) after having babies.
10. I played with Barbies until I was 14 years old.

Okay supa-seven! It's your turn...


Becky said...

I read this one:
7. I love my kids so much that it physically hurts me sometimes.

and my first thought was "Awww...and she's not just talking about the biting, tackling and head butting!"

This is because I'm a smart ass.

Amy said...

Thanks, Cassie! My first award! :) I'll get right on it.

KellBell said...

I also love going out to dinner and the movies by myself! And I totally encourage guys nights but they rarely happen. :(