are we still talking about houses?

Our house has been on the market for what feels like eleventy months. We're averaging about two showings a week now which is good, right? WRONG. I'll send my children to your house for a day and you can see just how clean it stays.

We don't exactly need to sell it; we love our neighborhood and our location. And of course we love the house. But we have this crazy dream of buying a lot of land with some friends and making our own neighborhood. Plus, in the long run it's probably wise to be rid of our current house so we're trying to see if we get any bites. So far lots of nibbles, no takers.

In the mean time though I've had my sights set on this beauty:

It's a 100 year old farm house on 107 acres. It has a couple of barns and a couple of other out buildings and I lurve it. It's also right across the street from some good friends of ours. Phil says something to the effect of Yeah, we could just tear it down and...

And I had an aneurysm.

Me: You don't just tear down a gorgeous hundred year old farmhouse! You renovate it. You don't do your thing and tear it down.

Phil: I like tearing things down.

Me: See, this is just another example of how I'm like Jesus*. Jesus is all about renovation, rehabilitation and restoration my friend.

Phil: No, the fire burns away the imperfections. Burns. Destroys. Then we build a new house.

Me: No, Isaiah, actually the fire of which you speak is a purification whereby the bad shit is burned away and the entire person emerges cleansed and whole. Or you might say, renovated.

Phil: But we're new creations in Christ. The old has gone, THE NEW HAS COME.

Me: But you're in the same body, dude. You look exactly the same on the outside. It's just your spirit that has been gutted. So to speak.

Phil: Whatever. That house is built on sand and it must come down!

Me: You're the antichrist.

Phil: That's the nicest thing you've said to me all month.

*I'm not at all like Jesus. I just like Phil to think I am** when we argue.

**I'm not fooling anyone.


Bex said...

I was cracking up! Every come back you two had was / is hilarious! You clearly have a very Christ centered marriage; I can tell by the way you argue that He is ever present in your hearts (and I'm so totally with you - burn down the house?! wha wha what?!) - but i really like your current house. i'll buy it! oh no, wait. it probably gets really cold where you live. no, i won't buy it. i'll stay here where it gets down to 50 in the winter (but today we had our first 100 degree day - ugh).

Cassady said...

Sounds like us when we first were looking to move out here. I wanted to live in the country, old farm house on lots of land. Jeff wanted a newer home near the city. So we compromised, although I still think he got the better deal ;). Where is this house at?

Mrs.Snyder said...

Hey lady, our dream come true is to live in the woods with all of our friends off the grid. One of Aaron's good friends LITERALLY bought a plot of land in Missouri and told us last month (and I quote): "So when the stuff hits the fan, get in your covered wagon and come on down to the plot." Conspiracy theorize much? Either way, I like the way you think.

Becky said...

Your house is gorgeous!

And so is the other one. But boy, renovating PLUS all the acres--that's a whole way of life, girl.

Cassie said...

Thanks, Bex and Becky!

Cassady, this one is on Scio Church Road. It's an Ann Arbor address but Dexter schools which is appealing.

Melissa, consider this your invitation to join our neighborhood. Covered wagons optional.

Lindsey said...

Your serious?!?! Our friends and us have been planning to do that since the first of us got married. We call ours the colony(in a non polygamist kind of way). I'm glad we aren't the only ones who think this possible and completely sane, lol. Great minds think alike my friend!!

Amy said...

High-larious post! And I have to say that I agree with your theological interpretations. Stand your ground, girl!

Jason often looks at property online that we and other families could share--he's talked about doing that since we got married! Too funny. Your house is gorgeous, though! I seriously thought it was a stock photo or something.

Phil said...

Cassie- Maybe you should start a separate blog on this topic and start recruiting some of these people! If we can get 8 families I think it would be a go. Do not forget to mention that we plan on using some of the land for an organic garden that will supply healthy food for those in the development; along with leveraging the latest in green technology to bring down the need to be tied to the grid. Call me crazy, but I think there’s something brewing in the air. Or shall I say that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few?

Cassie said...

See Phil, now you really sound cra-zazy. My meds are in the cabinet to the left of the microwave. Help yourself.

Phil said...

Hahahaha...re-reading my post I must agree. I couldn't find your meds, should I check in Iris's room?

Cassie said...

No, that's where YOUR meds are.

PS: Shouldn't you be "working"?

Wendy said...

Funny, great conversation! By the way, I want your house. :)