i am trying to be brave.

The hard drive on my computer crashed.

I'm trying not to throw up until I find out just what, if anything, can be salvaged since I'm the genius that didn't back anything up. (Videos and photos from the births of my kids until now, important church/ministry documents... my CVS SPREADSHEETS!)

If you're a praying person, please plead for mercy on my behalf.

And please excuse me for the next few days until my hard drive is replaced; it's too hard to blog from an iPhone.



Cassady said...

Hey sorry to hear about your hard-drive. We do have a couple of friends who have been able to get things off ours when our last two computers have crashed. Let me know if I can help! Will be praying in the meantime

Becky said...

I'll alert my sister. She has the red prayerphone.

Amy said...

You poor thing! Really. We've had that happen to us and it's upsetting, to be sure. Losing the pictures is tough. :(

I will pray!! The Bible says God gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were, so I think we can apply that to hard drives, right? :) There are places you can take hard drives and they can resurrect alot of stuff off of them. Oh--just saw that's what Cassady already said. Don't give up hope yet!!

Bex said...

that bites. we'll see you soon and hopefully with the remains of your hard drive in tact.

Lesli said...

I've got some pics of playgroup and such. Email me if you want them!