how quickly we forget

I was cleaning out a drawer last night and I found a piece of paper with more Oceanisms from a few weeks ago. I had already forgotten most of them so I'm glad I wrote these down!

***Phil was missing a piece of his computer headset and asked Ocean if he had seen it. Ocean had shoved it into a tiny space somewhere and ran to go get it. Phil gave him a little lecture and Ocean responded with, "Daddy, calm down. Don't be sassy."

***Ocean was playing the "I have to go potty" game with me during nap one day. After the third time of crying wolf I sternly told him that was his last chance and he would just have to wait until he woke up to use the bathroom. He got an inch from my face and said, "You smell angry."

***Ocean and I were cuddling on the floor of his room and I was messing with his hair. He reached up and touched his head and, suddenly quite distressed, exclaimed, "Oh NO! My hair... it's... BLONDE!"

***I have a box of popsicles in the freezer that are reserved for hot days. Ocean is very cognizant of them and nonchalantly tries to finagle them for other occasions. On a particularly chilly day we were sitting on the couch under a blanket. "Whew. I'm hot." Ocean said, throwing the blanket off his lap. "Do you feel okay? Do you need me to turn on the fan?" I asked. "No," he said dramatically, wiping his brow with the back of his hand. "I need a popsicle."

***During a stressful attempt to enforce nap time (we seem to have a lot of those) Ocean raised his eyebrow at me and said, "This is a bad siesta."


The 313 said...

i'm so glad you wrote these down. They are hilarious! You have quite a funny and sweet little boy. :) (good job, mom!)

Phil said...

Daddy to Ocean: "What happens when water is in the freezer".

Ocean's Response: "It turns to ice!"

Daddy to Ocean: "What happens when water gets real hot"

Ocean's Response: "It turns to crocodiles!"

I guess Ocean is both scientific and imaginative :)

Cassie said...

No, you forgot about the first time you asked what happens when it gets cold. He said, "It turns into pants?"

It's like he says this stuff JUST so I can blog about it.

tiffany said...

i'm eating a popsicle right now. don't tell ocean, i don't want him to be jealous.

Balazers said...

Ohh... just too darn cute!!! Don't you just wonder where this all comes from?? Because I seriously doubt you are wiping your brown with the back of your hand so often regarding the heat.... i love it!