I love, love, love the current ages of my kids. I wish I could have a camera crew follow us around all day; it feels like the funny never ends.

***I was wiping Ocean's face after he ate lunch and he said, "You're not supposed to wipe children, mommy. You're supposed to wipe things that I color on."

***Ocean wrote me a letter the other day. I asked him what it said and he 'read' it to me: "Dear Mommy. I love you. You are so smart and pretty. Dear Mommy."

***While hugging me around the neck Ocean said, "Mmmmm, you smell pretty!" I asked him what I smell like and he said, "Pancakes and... [sniff, sniff] strawberries!"

***Ocean has two words that he invented. We've tried to no avail to have him define them, so they've just become funny words that we say when we don't know what else to say. Yesterday I was helping Ocean get dressed and he said, "Coddie?" I replied, "Noooo..." and we said together, "LAYZEROUS!" And then cracked up. Like our own little nonsensical inside joke.

***Iris and I had our first real conversation yesterday while she was sitting at the table eating yogurt. It went like this:

Iris: All done.

(I started to get her out of her chair.)

Iris: Yoogoo. Hoat! [Yogurt. Hold!]

Me: No, you can't hold the yogurt if you want to get down.

Iris: Why?

Me: Because it's too messy.

Iris: Messy?

Me: Yes, messy.

Iris: (thinking)... all done.

And, miracle of miracles, she let me get her down without throwing an elbow to my throat or trying to jack the spoon out of my hand.

Communication is right up there with naps when it comes to having happy toddlers and sane parents.

"Wow, that was really insightful," you're all thinking. I should definitely write a parenting book.


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