and also, i can't figure out why iris smells like curry today.

I have a few more Oceanisms and, to keep it fair and balanced, we'll begin with an Irisism. (Oooh, that was very fun to type.)
Ocean woke up the other morning after Iris had already eaten her first breakfast. I asked Ocean if he wanted some breakfast, and asked Iris if she wanted to help me get it for him. She glared at me, popped her pacifier out of her mouth and, chucking it across the room, screamed, "I hungry too!"
Last night Ocean and I went to the store. When we got out of the car at home I had on my person three grocery bags, my keys, my purse and a collection of random cups and toys that had accumulated in my car. Ocean was holding a receipt and he tried handing it to me to carry for him. "Ocean, you need to carry it. I don't have any more hands," I said. "Ohhhhhhh," he replied knowingly. "Because the birds took them."
Ocean was getting dressed this morning and poked himself in the nipple.
Ocean: I have milk in my breasts to feed Iris.
Me: You don't really have breasts. You have a chest and those are your nipples.
Ocean: And they're full of PEE!
We were sitting on the porch today at lunch time with my friend Amber and her daughter. Phil stopped in for a bit and Ocean was showing him his game of throw the imaginary poopy diaper away. Ocean bumped his arm and said, "Crap! That hurt!" Phil just raised his eyebrow at me in disgust and judgment. All I'm gonna say to that is, people in crap houses full of crap shouldn't throw crap. In other words: pot, meet kettle. (But about 5 minutes later I'm reasonably certain that I accidentally taught Ocean how to deal drugs. So suddenly him saying "crap" doesn't seem so bad.)
And here's a special installment I'll call "I Never Envisioned Myself Saying This, Ever." :
"No, I don't want to smell it, Ocean. Especially if it's 'pppeeeeeeeeeyoooouuuu stinky.'"


Bex said...

because the birds took them! hahahaha! that totally makes sense! i love little kid sayings.

Lindsey said...

** I am not pregnant!**
Isaac and I were talking, what did you really think about using cloth diapers? Did it ever gross you out? How about the germ factor and washing them in your washing machine?

Cassie said...

Thanks for commenting, Bex! Kids really are so funny/weird. I wish I could have a video camera recording all day. I only catch about 1/16 of the funny crap that goes on around here.

Lindsey... LOL! I really love cloth diapers. Never grossed me out... I clean the inside of my washing machine after doing a load of diapers, but there is no "residue" or anything. (Unless they ate something like corn. Or beans. Or blueberries. But even then there's no poop left in the washer, just food particles. Sorry for being graphic.) Even with disposables, blowouts happen all the time and so poopy clothes need to be washed, as well as throw up, smooshed bugs and other nasty things. Lots of gross stuff ends up going through the washer when you have kids. =)

Becky said...

Two things, first - I feel compelled to second your comment about cloth diapers, its really no big deal to wash them in the washing machine. When they are little and breastfed it washes out perfectly and when they get older you just dump the poop in the toilet first. Second - what is with the dog gone birds! L.J. tells me all the time that the birds took it. Is there some random PBS episode I've missed about birds stealing all our stuff?!? Too funny!

Becky said...

Those kids are hilarious. I love Iris standing up for herself!

And yeah, I am not the best at watching my language. I heard Hank calling the dog a "dumbask."