glutton for punishment

This is what Ocean and I do after the baby is in bed. I just don't know where all his energy comes from, especially at eight o'clock at night.


Amy said...

I don't know where YOU get the energy at 8 o'clock at night! what is it? Vitamins? Do tell! You guys are adorable.

Jeff and Alysa Bajenaru said...

that was too much fun right there! Joe and I watched that together and he kept saying, "Locean, Locean" and "running in cirrrrcles". He got mad when the video was over. BTW, how do you splice the video together like that?

Cassie said...

Amy, it's probably the remnants of my 3:30 cup of coffee. Combined with the fact that Ocean demands my constant engagement. He never plays alone and his standards for play participation are high.

Alysa, that's so cute about Joe! I use iMovie on my Mac. It's pretty simple to do, just time consuming when you have 45 minutes of footage to sort through.

Becky said...

HA HA HA, I was thinking, "She doesn't need that helmet," and then you totally did! My favorite parts were all the shots of you lying motionless on the floor--that would be great in fast-motion. And the part where you said, "Let's read books!"

You? Are the fun mom!

Cassady said...

That is so adorable. He must be training early for a career in Michigan football :) Plus he must sleep well after all that evening workout. haha I know I would be.

Cassie said...

Becky, do not be fooled... I am the excessively caffeinated mom.

But I guess it's all the same to a three year old so... thanks! =)