*Phil has our house plans in hand and we're getting ready to submit them to the city for approval. I hope we're in our new house before Pea Buddy arrives.

*We went to the Nat yesterday so Phil could work out and Ocean could get out of the house for a bit. When we got there one of the guy swimmers was working out with no shirt on. After intense scrutiny, Ocean started pulling his shirt up and patting his tummy. He kept it up for about 10 minutes before I asked him if he wanted to take his shirt off. He nodded emphatically so I took it off... and he stuck his little chest out and strutted his stuff for the rest of the afternoon.

*Did anyone else see Miss USA fall on her ass last night during the Miss Universe pageant?! Wow... I kinda felt bad for her but I laughed so hard for about an hour after it happened. A quote from The Superficial: "She slipped and fell during the evening gown portion and, well, that's kind of a big deal when you're in a competition where the only judging criteria are how you look in a bikini and your ability to walk."

*I left my pillow at the hotel when we were in Charlotte and ever since then Phil has been funny pillow guy. Our first night back he put a tiny little throw pillow in my spot just to mock me. I bought a new pillow the next day. Last night our dryer broke (again) and our pillow cases were all soaking wet... except for one. Which I of course kept for myself and made Phil take the uncomfortable spare pillow. While I was brushing my teeth he took my pillow and replaced it with Ocean's plastic ball. I'm glad pregnant women get lots of respect in this house.

*Ocean has started signing "More". We went to the pool today and he finally got up enough courage to let me hold his hands and dunk his toes in the water. I put him back on the pool deck and he immediately signed "More". So cute. =)

*I'm still trying to decide where to have this baby. If anyone has positive things to say about either U of M or St. Joe's feel free to pass it along.

*I ate half a dozen chocolate chip cookies yesterday. It was worth the extra 5 pounds I'll have to lose after I have the baby.

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