wrapped in swaddling clothes

I stopped swaddling Ocean a couple of weeks ago because he's four months old (officially out of the "fourth trimester") and he seemed to be sleeping okay without it. Well today I was rocking him, trying to get him sleepy for his nap and he just kept crying and kicking his legs. I knew he was SOOO tired... but he's an expert sleep-fighter so I kept trying for like 15 minutes. I finally remembered that the unofficial definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. So I threw a blankie on the ground and layed Ocean on it, crying and flailing. I wrapped his right arm... and suddenly his crying turned into hysterical laughter!! I wrapped his other arm, picked him up and he fell asleep in about 10 seconds. Unbelievable. Who knew swaddling would make a comeback?

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