i'm in a terrible pickle

Let's just say before I had Ocean I wore a size "X". Three months after having Ocean I resigned myself to the fact that I would never again fit into an X and bought new clothes. Because I hate clutter and did not constantly want to be reminded that I was now a size "Z" instead of X, I decided to sell all my size X clothes on Ebay. Most of them were purchased last summer and barely worn. I started with all my summer clothes and just shipped the last item out last week.

Then after playgroup the other day, I noticed that my new size Z capris were feeling kind of saggy in the buttockal region. I kept hiking them up and finally went to look in the mirror. It was offensive. At first I was mad at American Eagle, thinking how I got ripped off on these cheaply constructed capris that made my backside look like that of a fifty year old mom (no offense to the fifty year old moms out there, but I am a 20-something year old mom and have no intention of looking fifty-something before I actually AM).

Then suddenly a lightbulb went off. I dug out a pair of size X jeans that hadn't yet made it onto Ebay... a pair of jeans that wouldn't fit over my (new!) hips just days ago. And wouldn't you know it... they fit. And my butt looked normal again.

So I literally went from a size Z back to a size X in about a week. This would be awesome except that I SOLD ALL OF MY SUMMER CLOTHES! So now I'm stuck in a dilemma. Do I now Ebay all of my size Z clothes to buy new size X clothes? Or do I hang onto the Z's, because inevitably I will wear them again one day?

I suppose it's a good, albeit expensive, problem to have.

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