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Phil and I have been talking about what we do and don't "get" out of Sunday's church service, and whether or not we are justified in having expectations for worship service.

I'm just curious, for those of you who care to answer, what is the purpose of church for you personally? Whether you go, don't go, whatever... if you had the ideal church "experience", what would that look like? Or if you already are in the "perfect" church for you- God love ya- what makes it that way? Reply to this blog and let me know.

I'm not looking for "right" answers here folks... just some good, old fashioned honesty.

PS: Feel free to substitute "church" with temple, mass, mosque or your particular place of worship.

*Addendum: Casey brings up an interesting thought, so I'm going to roll with it. Is it fair to have expectations of receiving something on Sunday mornings during church service? For example, if I have a genuine need, can I expect that need to get met on Sunday mornings? Or am I just to show up and give fully of myself, not expecting to get anything in return? Additionally, to what degree, if at all, can I expect to be challenged by the message on Sunday morning? Or again, is God more interested in me just "showing up", and he will make sure I get what I'm lacking through another avenue?

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