the question we should be asking is who exactly "they" are.

Iris: I would be sad if my bottom came off.

Me: Yeah. That would be... weird.

Iris: Yeah, I don't want a big hole there!

Me: Good thing it won't come off. It's on there pretty good.

Iris: Why? Did they use a special kind of glue? Bottom glue?


Big EZ said...

I love a child's pure, simple, uncontaminated perspective on life. "Bottom Glue?" is a perfectly rational and engaging question. As a engineer in my early days, I appreciate clarity of that inquiry. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful conversation with Iris. EZ

Becky said...

Yes, THEY, the bottom designers. Thank goodness for their foresight (hindsight!) and strong glue. Sounds like Iris is figuring it all out.

These kids. They are so adorable that sometimes I feel guilty for just wanting them to hush a minute, you know?