it's the rainy season. must do projects.

It's been raining here for roughly 539 days. Instead of my slippers I just get out of bed and put on my rain boots. When it rains, my children cry all day and I do projects. It's how we pass the time.

Remember when I was organizing paperwork? And I mentioned that I wanted to paint my china cabinet?

Just to recap, we bought it from a guy on Craig's List a few years ago, intending to paint it. I'm a huge fan of pretty wood and would never paint something unless it was ugly. This was ugly. There were parts that had been stripped and then, presumably when the owner realized what a tedious job it would be and changed his mind mid-project, painted over with a not-quite-matching shade of brownish paint. Classy.

So about a month or so ago I got the gumption to tackle it. I got a buttload of sandpaper and went to work on a Wednesday night. I made it through The Middle, Better With You and Modern Family when I accidentally knocked over that huge roll of paper to the right. It may not look like it but it weighs about a million pounds. It teetered around for a while and I did this awkward little avoidance maneuver where I jumped back-no-sideways-wait-it's-going-to-fall-on-my-big-tooooooooooooooooooe. And much cussing, and later bruising, ensued. The mission was aborted and I avoided eye contact with the china cabinet for about a week after that.

It took me a couple of weeks and several glasses of wine to sand, prime and paint this bad boy. Last week I finally finished up, switched out the knobs and filled it back up with my precious things.

Much better and worth the effort, I think. I probably wouldn't do it again, though. My toe is still recovering and it was a super tedious task.

With that project done I've been looking for the next thing to do. Phil and I were driving through a random neighborhood the other day and found this black faux leather ottoman just sitting on the curb. The only thing wrong with it, other than the fact that it was black faux leather, was a wonky button. We stopped and I threw it in the car, figuring I could slipcover it pretty easily.

I got some awesome brown and white zebra upholstery fabric on sale and used this tutorial to make my slipcover. It was a two-evening project but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

For my next project I'm going to figure out how to use my camera. White Balance is my nemesis.

What about you? Got any good projects going on?


Alysa said...

I have no idea what rainy season looks like...but I love projects! You did such a great job, I love both of them! My blog has been my big project of late, but I am itching to do something with my hands. I really want to learn how to do embroidery properly.

keri m said...

Love the slipcover, but I'm slightly disappointed that the tutorial doesn't call for a staple gun, which is my new favorite toy, I mean, tool. I also love the cabinet and am impressed at how nice it looks, as anything I paint with a glass of wine in the other hand ends up looking a little *too* modern.

Projects over here include cutting the grass in the rain and getting goods ready to go to market.


Bex said...

Whoa! You are so talented! I am super impressed.

Here is a link to a simple article about white balance.


Cassie said...

Alysa, I'd love to learn how to embroider also. I have a drawing of Ocean's that I've been attempting to embroider since Christmas. If you find any good online tutorials please pass them along!

Keri, staple guns are AWESOME. I've recovered many a dining chair with mine. What are you using your for?

Bex, I'm less talented than I am stir crazy and overly-caffeinated. ;) Thanks for the link on white balance- I realized by going over there that I have the same camera they do so I'll have to go back through and read some of their tips. You're the best!

keri m said...

Hey, you embroidering gals, have you seen the simple bib over at the SouleMama blog? It was there a few days ago. So simple and sweet.

As for the staple gun, it's last use was fixing chicken wire to a wooden fence to support a clematis. But I've also made a portable ironing mat (for crafts, of course, not for shirts, sheesh).

Best to all,