getting stuff done.

We've had some ridiculous fluctuations in temperature here in southeast Michigan and within any given week (and sometimes any given day) we experience everything from 40 degrees and rainy to 75 degrees and sunny. This is nothing new for springtime in Michigan but it's just been a little more extreme this year. It's nothing to complain about given the severity of weather in other places. So all things considered I'm grateful that the only 'problem' this produces is an abundance of laundry, but it is a bit of an inconvenience nonetheless.

I haven't been able to put away any winter clothes, yet I've had to tap into the summer stash as well. Some days we have to change outfits in the middle of the day because the weather changes so drastically. Double the clothes to wash = laundry paralysis. There's so much to do that I'm not sure where to begin and we end up with a DEFCON 1 laundry situation, like the one brewing in my bedroom right now:

(Sidebar: I once saw an organizational show where the decorator walked a mother through her messy house and there was a pile of laundry in the hallway. He stopped and asked the mother, "Do you consider yourself a good mother?" She tearfully answered Yes and, gesturing to the laundry on the floor, this wifeless, childless buttmunch decorator had the nerve to say, "What about this situation indicates that you are a good mother?" My desire to kick him in the junk was overwhelming.)

You're probably thinking something along the lines of, "Maybe you should quit blogging about it and git yer butt to folding, woman." And I will. But first, in the spirit of procrastination, I wanted to compile a short list of things that, while important in and of themselves, give me a false sense of productivity in that they don't truly address the daily housekeeping tasks that I should be doing to ensure that we don't end up living in filth.

1. Changing the dead batteries in a toy or electronic device.

2. Making lists.

3. Going to Target.

4. Putting away the 3 largest objects in any given room so it looks cleaner.

5. Rearranging and/or changing out artwork and photos on the walls.

6. Trapping the mess inside of closets by closing the doors.

Okay, I'm really going to start folding now. Are there little things you do around the house or at work that make you feel more productive?


Bex said...

Here I am reading blogs when I should be working on my to do list! My lists are how I stay productive. I have a notebook on the kitchen counter (with my favorite pen) and write one list per page (sometimes it spills into the facing page) and when its full I go buy another notebook. Since I have no time for journalling, these notebooks have turned into my journals. They are just more of captain's logs.

Emily said...

I'm a list maker and I will make my to-do list super detailed (not just "clean the bathroom"- it will say "clean the toilets, wipe the counter, scrub the tub, sweep the bathroom floor") just so I can have more lovely thick black lines crossing out things I have done :-) If I am feeling like I still haven't gotten enough done, I have been known to add (after the fact) side stuff I did (like clean out the recycling bin after I take out the trash, change out the towels in the bathroom, etc) during other chores, just so I can have something to cross out. Sad, but true.

Sunny said...

I actually saw you and the kids (I think) walking into Target on my way out over lunch today. I love your blog, but didn't want to appear stalker-ish, so i didn't say hi. But yes, Target always makes me feel like I've accomplished something, even if it means bringing home more stuff to put away.

Oh, and I'm glad that guy didn't come to my house. I'm sure the piles of laundry in my sons closet, my closet and the laundry room would make him shudder.

feresaknit said...

I feel so much better about my ironing pile having spread to the floor. Although I don't have one child let along three. Maybe I should stop dressing Buddy up! ;D

Cassie said...

Bex, that's a really cool take on journaling. I love it. Maybe I'll start doing that also. (adding "buy notebook" to my list...)

Emily, that's brilliant. I'm going to start adding the stuff I've done just so I can cross it off. Changing batteries... check.

Sunny- HAHA! Totally busted! We went there to get a deck box to organize the junk on our porch and instead I left with a pack of construction paper, three shirts for Phil and a bottle of wine. God Bless America. Next time (and if you're at Target as much as I am, there will be a next time) please say hello!

Paula, you have enough to worry about. Make Buddy do the ironing for goodness sake! ;)

keri m said...

Well, I'm by nature ultra-task-oriented, so there are days I have to remind myself that some people groups sit on the veranda and drink bush tea as the main activity. And so I channel my inner Botswanan and actually sit down to drink my tea/coffee.

I've made a dent in the laundry situation by folding clothes while the kids are getting ready for bed or in the bath (no more laundry on couches!) Before I venture to another area of the house, I scan the room I'm about to leave for any stray items that might belong there - no sense making two trips.

And, shhhh, when the kids are asleep, I get rid of toys, papers, art projects that were left unfinished - for days.

And I remind myself that there is a lot of life going on in my home, and sometimes life is messy.

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

What?! I'm supposed to be doing/folding laundry if I want to be a good mother? This explains so, so much. Is this why my daughter gives me a wayward look when she has to turn her socks inside out to wear to school? I love it when single childless people judge.

When I want to be fake productive, i go around the house and empty all the trash cans. It makes the rooms look cleaner when they certainly are not. Then I just leave the trash bag by the front door. Because actually taking it out of the house is not in my job description.

Cassie said...

Keri, I want to make you my mommy guru. You are so wise. And funny. =)

Elizabeth- oh, yeah! The trash thing is HUGE. Takes like 8 seconds and makes me feel like I don't have to do much else for the rest of the day because, you know, GARBAGE.

Cassie said...

My last comment disappeared. Spooky.

To restate in fewer words:

Keri, you are inspiring and I want you to teach me your ways. All of them. Quickly.

Elizabeth, SO very true about the trash. Touching garbage pretty much exempts me from any other household task for the next 24-48 hours. In my own mind, of course.