uncle! UNCLE!

I promised an update on that whole black tie optional situation. I decided to wear this:

But, as it turns out, I got hit with the flu and had to stay home. Wheee! Thankfully our friend Eric went in my stead and he and Phil had a great time at the ball, then went to the bar and closed it out while I was shivering and sweating under my covers, the surrounding floor littered with tissues and Dear God Why?s.

And now, we've been hit with another stomach bug. Only Ocean is affected at the moment and I blame myself for getting cocky since we already had this junk a few times (Hello, immune systems? Are you freaking there?) and I totally slacked on all my preventive ritual silliness. In fact when my precious little guy started ralphing last night I totally panicked because I was completely out of cranberry juice, colloidal silver AND probiotics... and Whole Foods was closed. Thankfully my mom saved my butt as she is apt to do, driving to my house at midnight to bring me the rest of her stash which got us through the night.

Ocean told me that today is the worst day in the world and I can see his sad little 5-year-old point. Also he wailed that he's "a hungry little boy who likes to eat" when I denied him a bowl of Cheerios. So pitiful. But I know he'll feel much better in the morning after some sleep. We ALL will feel better in the morning, I gather.

I'm pretty delirious from lack of sleep and caffeine withdrawal (something about people puking around me makes coffee really unappealing) and I keep typing the wrong words so I'm gonna wrap it up before pulling out the air mattress for the night.

Please send me news of the outside world, particularly stuff about sunshine and warm temps and daffodils blooming and people NOT throwing up.


Amy said...

Oh no! I can't believe you guys are sick again. :( I'm sorry.

In other news, that dress is SMOKIN' hot. I am sad you didn't get to wear it! Can you and Phil go out still?

Cheery news? Today we had a neighbor's dog (who we've never seen) trot up to our garage, find a tennis ball in there, and want us to play fetch with him. It was really cute, and I don't even really like dogs. That was nice. :)

Daren said...

Yesterday was probably the warmest and most beautiful it has been in Michigan all year! I heard spring/summer birds and the bulb flowers are peaking out of the dirt. Spring is just around the bend.
God Bless and strength to fight the nasty little bugs.
Daren Schaller

Carolyn said...

sunshine, daffodils blooming, cherry blossoms every where, warm weather .... yep, that's what's happening here. Time for you guys to come south. Of course, don't wait until June/July/August because everyone will be complaining about how HOT and HUMID it is! Love you lots!

Cassie said...

I know, Amy. Such a bummer, right? I wish there was somewhere I could wear it after all the hype but I just can't think of anywhere around here where it would be appropriate to get that gussied up.

Daren! How the heck are you guys?! Lots of hugs to you and Sara.

Thanks for all the good news!

Daren said...

We are well. Just raising our two little ones. The Lord put y'all on my heart out of the blue - just as you were starting this journey (of mm) been praying for you all for a while. Sara is a program co-ordinator, I am a chemist and going to Bible College, Abi will go into Kindergarten and Isaiah is potty training. Fun! God Bless and I hope you and yours feel better

Bex said...

I'm sorry you missed your event! Hopefully you will find another occassion to wear that fab dress sometime soon!