if you don't want to read about me feeling sorry for myself over a dumb stomach virus stop reading now.

Not to be all Woe Is Me but seriously, this stomach bug has been neverfreakingending. Ocean started puking last Tuesday night and didn't leave the couch for about 48 hours. He wasn't able to stomach any food until Thursday when he ate about a dozen Cheerios and a saltine cracker. Progress! Iris started with a tummy ache on Thursday also but never barfed (yay grape juice and colloidal silver) and neither of them have had much more than toast, saltine crackers and a few juice popsicles since. Oh, I mean besides the Doritos this afternoon. You can ask Phil about that. And then ask me about the subsequent fallout. Or maybe not because it was gross.

In hindsight Doritos were a bad idea.

I'm so, so sad for how rotten they feel. I really am. There's nothing worse than when your precious little babies are feeling badly. But mostly the whining feels like it might drive me to drink. I'm not sure if their incessant fussing is actually a result of illness or just the six straight days of PBS Kids we've watched. (Does too much TV make your kids irritating too? No? Just mine?) Once Ocean was able to lift his head off his pillow I finally turned off the TV and Iris flipped out. I told her that our brains were going to turn into mashed potatoes and she stopped crying long enough to look at me completely wide-eyed before bursting into tears.

Mashed potatoes? Seriously? If you're lying I'm totally calling my Congressman.

And just in case you're wondering how quickly you can blow through two gallons of Clorox bleach and 75 pairs of latex gloves the answer is 48 hours. Say what you will about nasty chemicals and landfills but it was worth it because the rest of us were spared and also right now I don't give a rip about anything but not barfing.

What happened to the good ol' days when a stomach virus only lasted 24 hours? Hem. Haw. Sigh.

Here's a cute baby to make amends for such a disgusting conversation topic.

What's wrong with you people? Quit yer whining and give me milk. Milllllllllk.


Becky said...

Oh my dear. Their cuteness does go a long way toward making this circumstance better, I think. But come one, where did the 24 hour bug go? Not cool. I just read where Ocean said it was the worst day in the world. Bless him! I hope you guys are turning the corner right about now.

Big EZ said...

Cassie, our heart goes out to you dealing with sick children. Our daughter Tara has four little ones under the age of 4 (twin 3 year olds and twin 1 year olds) and this winter season it seemed like one of them and or Tara and or her husband were always sick. There is a sinus virus going through us here that lasts up to six weeks. My mother in law and I have finally stopped coughing etc....so maybe we can all move on to a healthier spring! Our best to you, Phil and the kiddos! EZ

Candice said...

Poor tiny Brabbs!! Hope they are mended soon! And Ruby's sweet face is too precious for words! :)

Amy said...

That Ruby...she is just beautiful! Of course, Ocean and Iris are stinkin' adorable too.

We have the same issue when the TV is on all the time. It makes me whiny too. And I don't know if this is wrong, but I pretty much hate Caillou. That show alone makes me wanna drink.

Bex said...

Oh! I'm so sorry. What's more heart wrenching than your own kids being sick? Nothing.