black tie optional

Phil and I have an event on Saturday night, at which he is one of the speakers. The attire is Black Tie Optional. I'm having a hard time figuring out what this means.

We all are confused.

And by that I mean I don't want to have to buy anything. The kids helped me go through my already meager closet offerings and it has me wondering if I can get away with my trusty LBD or a cocktail dress.

What would you wear? Keep in mind this is Ann Arbor so things tend to run a degree or two more casual here, and also there's still lots of snow on the ground. (Although I'm pretty sure my winter boots do NOT fall under the category of black tie anything. Right?)


Christie said...

I have a 'black tie optional' thing on Saturday as well (not the same one surely), and I am hauling out the cocktail dress, but forcing my husband to put on the tux, because, well, he bought the thing and I like to see it on him! (Husband: "it's not black tie optional if my wife makes me wear it.")

I say, dress nice enough that the kids, who will have forgotten, know that something is up when they see you come down the stairs.

Becky said...

I think that a cocktail dress is definitely enough or even the lbd. What is Phil wearing?


Candice said...

I say you can never go wrong with a LBD!

Emily said...

Definitely can do a LBD- maybe add some fun and/or sparkly jewelry for a little extra pizazz. :-)

Amy said...

Cocktail dress or LBD sounds perfect! I hope we will get a full report! :)

keri m said...

I've got a sassy little red number that's aching to get out of the closet. Wanna borrow it?

Cassie said...

Christie, that's the perfect "fanciness" litmus test. Love it! I hope you guys enjoy your event also.

Beck, Phil is wearing a borrowed suit. I'm pretty sure it's black. I'm telling you, we are simple jeans-wearin' folk here so all this formal wear talk makes my head spin.

Keri, ooooh... tempting. My goal tonight is to bust out the Spanx and the heels and see if my Old Faithful fits the bill. If I don't feel sassy enough, you may be getting an email from me. =)

Thanks for all the help, friends! I'll update you guys once I have a plan.