my precious peeps

When I go in to get Iris out of bed in the morning she says, as soon as I open the door, "You're kidding me."

We can't call Iris anything but Iris. Not funny, smart, fast, cute or sweet. If we refer to her as anything other than her name, she insists, "NO! I'm Iris!"

When you tell Ocean anything that he doesn't agree with, he responds enthusiastically and insistently with "Sure."
Me: Ocean, Iris is saying no because wants you to stop doing that.
Ocean: Sure she doesn't.

Me: Ocean, you need to take two more bites before you can be done.
Ocean: Sure I don't.

Me: Ocean, it's time to go to bed.
Ocean: Sure it's not.

Me: Ocean, I don't want you going outside without a coat.
Ocean: Sure you do.

Here's a scene that unfolded the other night while we were in the playroom. I had a tummy ache and was laying on the floor, and the flower tattoo on my lower back was apparently exposed. Ocean was playing football and wearing his helmet, and Iris was brewing something in the play kitchen using Ocean's Memory game.

Ocean: Mommy, play football!
Me: My tummy hurts.
Ocean: (sympathetically patting my stomach) Oooooohhhh, I'll take care of your wittle puffy tummy.
Iris: I'm makin' soup!
Me: What kind of soup?
Iris: (comes over to us) Memory Soup! Whatcha doing, mom?
Me: Laying on the floor.
Iris: (looking horrified and tugging at my shirt) Cover up your flowers! COVER up your FLOWERS!
Ocean: (throws his football at my rear end) BUTT CHECK!
Ocean: (grabs the football) Here comes nothin'... (punts it across the playroom)
Ocean: I WON THE GAME! Iris, I won the game, you little genius!
End scene.


Miranda said...

I'm totally with Iris on getting up in the morning. Smart child but it doesn't get better... :P

Bex said...

your kids are so stinkin cute! sure they are!