a teensy update

Gosh, life sure has gotten in the way of blogging lately. My days are full of choices: Eat or blog? Sleep or blog? Breathe or blog? I'm still alive, so blogging has been the clear loser here.

I've been consumed with all the cancer... yet still, life marches on. Iris is saying things like, "Are you so cute, little kitty? Yes you are!" and "You're my best friend!" and "Is it awesome?" And Ocean is so into Spiderman that it's almost scary, especially because he has no frame of reference for it, and thinks the guy in the suit is Peter Piper.

The new little nugget is just over 16 weeks along, and is starting with the fetal acrobatics, though not as intensely as my other two were at this point. I'm taking that as gospel that I will have one laid-back child. Pray for me. I forget that I'm pregnant most of the time, which is a good thing right now I suppose. Ocean is very serious about naming the baby Socka. We will see about that.

As for me? I'm tired. I don't even have the energy to pretend I'm not. I asked Ocean today if he could play quietly at my feet while I closed my eyes for a minute and he said, "Sure Mommy. Look at this! Did you see that Mom? Look, Mom!" Naps just aren't in the cards right now, and may never be again, I'm realizing.

But none of that really matters too much. The kids, antagonistic as they are to one another, are generally happy. Phil is on the road to health. I am plugging along. And we're doing okay, all of us. So in the grand scheme of grand schemes, I can't really complain.

I hope you're all well. Or, as Iris would say, Awesome.


Bex said...

no time for a nap?! girl, there MUST be time for an itty bitty nap. that is what cartoons are for!

Amy said...

So nice to hear from you--and I'm impressed that you're able to blog at all!

I agree. Rent or buy a DVD they haven't seen yet, pop them some popcorn, barricade all exits, and lay down and close your eyes for a bit. You need it!

Praying for that laid-back baby for you!

Phil said...

Your pregnant?!?!?

Becky said...

Ha ha! You've got a funny husband. But you probably knew that. I second and third the excellent nap advice you're getting here.

I think of you every day. And we'll take what blogging we can get!

Cassie said...

Oh, you guys, we do so much TV these days that my kids are basically immune to its powers. But Amy, popcorn might do the trick. I'll have to try that.

Becky, yes he is funny. So much that I even forgive his spelling errors. =)

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, blog sistas.

{(C)} said...

I said this in your MM4D blog, but I, too, had a Spider-Man obsession when I was a kid. It was so bad that mom legitimately got worried at one point. She would ask me, "What's your name?" and I would answer, "Spider-Man!" Then she would ask me again, "No, but what's your REAL name?" and I would answer again, unflinchingly, "Spider-Man!"

Don't worry, as long as Ocean still doesn't know that it's actually Peter PARKER, he will remain a complete n00b and isn't on the fast track to nerd insanity that I embarked upon all those many years ago. The abyss stares back...