so little to do, so much time. it turns out.

My goal: To complete every item on every possible to-do list before Phil's treatment begins.

Sounds daunting, right? Yeah, it looked bad from my end too... until I put it on paper and realized there were exactly three things on it.

1. Get the brakes fixed on my car.
My car is making a horrifying sound and it gets worse when I put the brakes on so I'm guessing that's what's wrong with it. However, I'm not that kind of car expert and I'm a bit out of practice anyway. Making plans to take it in somewhere, and soon.

2. Return a bunch of crap at the mall.
I was able to go to the mall yesterday alone [Hallelujah Chorus] because Phil declared it his Birthday Weekend, which, hey, whoop it up all you want to birthday boy, but then there was the subsequent fallout, which included headaches and exhaustion and looooots of naps and hydrating. And while I'm all for hangovers parenting waits for no one, whether or not tequila is involved and I'd missed my Saturday morning coffee with friends because of it which I'd normally be cool about but then the rain happened and the kids and I were cooped up all day and I'm going to go bloody nuts if I don't get out of this house right. this. second. So I put the three of them down for naps and clocked out for a couple of hours.

So I was able to get to the mall in order to make several returns of busted/ill-fitting garb and, AND cashed in a Victoria's Secret free gift! card and got myself a pair of Victoria's Secret cheekies panties, though in the days of yore we used to call them thongs. And change the name all you want to, but they are still just as uncomfortable. But, hey, free.

While at the mall I stopped in to see my favorite eyebrow threader but she was out of town. With great trepidation I agreed to be waxed instead and suddenly my brow doth feel a wee bit nekkid. Either she took a little too much off or I've been walking a fine line between Brooke Shields and Wookie for sometime and just never noticed. Maybe you be the judge? (Pointing at my eyebrows, not pretending to shoot myself.)

"Audrey! Audrey! Look at me!"

3. Go to the dentist.
I'm going to the dentist tonight. I flossed 365 times last night so I'm pretty sure that means I can say that I floss on average once a day.


Amy said...

A. You are adorable.

B. I think your brows look really good.

C. I don't think anyone would mistake you for a wookie.

D. I totally know what you mean about *feeling* like you have so much to do! It helps to get it on paper sometimes and go, "Oh. Okay, then."

Jilly said...

you crack me up.

Cassie said...

A. You're one to talk.
B. Thanks; they're starting to grow on me. Hehe.
C. But I didn't show you my legs, so maybe don't make that call just yet.
D. I know!! My mom always told me to make a list when I'm stressed out... when will I learn?

Becky said...

Yeah, I gotta concur with my sister. Your brows still look very lush in a non-wookie way.

What beach are y'all going to. Whee!

Cassie said...

Thanks, Becky! We're going to Emerald Isle. We used to go every summer growing up and my parents have recently reinstated the tradition. We all drive down together and rent a house for 2 weeks... it's divine. =)

Steph - the 313 said...

i love your blog, cassie. :) and your eyebrows look fresh! (can we bring back that word? we did the humpty dance at a wedding on saturday... that's gotta count for something)
i used to go to a threader (my sister's married to a persian and they're ALL about the threading).
I am a bit intimidated about getting my eyebrows done in the middle of the mall. also, what to do with the happily screaming child while that is happening?! :)

Cassie said...

Oh Steph, no no no. I go to Tricho. I don't go to the kiosk. That grosses/weirds me out. If you want the name of my threader I'll email it to you. She's great. =)

As for what to do with baby M... drop him off at my house for some snuggles, you go get your brows done, and everyone wins.

julie said...

cassie- you look fabulous- as always.