Five things I shouldn't tell you guys but I can't help it because I'm an over-sharer by nature.

1. I got a steam cleaner today and gave my upstairs carpet the once- or thrice-over. I can't begin to describe the color of the water in the reservoir.

2. I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's for lunch.

3. It takes a lot to embarrass me, and children never embarrass me... but my kids actually succeeded at the park today. I promptly took them home and put them down for naps. It was 10:07 am.

4. I bought my children plastic spray bottles at Target this afternoon so they could spray the hell out of each other in the yard while I watched from the porch. (It could have ended badly, but we all had a great time.)

5. I'd never heard of a Mommy Business Card until last night. Does anyone have these? Because I've clearly missed this boat, I decided to design my own Mommy Business Card but I had way too much information that I needed to include so I decided to make a Mommy Brochure instead. So here's my rough draft but it's pretty close to being ready:


amy said...

yours may be my favorite blog ever!!! i definitely need to come over and see your messy house - my phone is always dead and i never check my messages until i have at least 10. (:

Becky said...

Ha! Ditto for me and my phone!

I confess, I do have a mama card. I think of it as our "family contact card," but it's the same thing. Very handy for playdates, actually. I'm embracing my suburban matronly persona, you could say.

Cassie said...

Amy, you are welcome to drop in any time. =)

Becky, I'm pretty sure the card you have is NOT like the one that was described to me. I can say that with confidence not ever having seen your card. (Unless you own a semi-automatic weapon AND are a 1995 small town pageant winner and include your former title on your mom card, in which case... how niiiice!)

I have always just given Phil's business card to people and scrawled my email address on it, but perhaps there's something to this family contact card... HEY! I could pin it on my kids in case they get lost. Okay, I'm going to totally make another one for real.

Becky said...

OMGGGGG. I need to see this pageant winner's card! And you're right. Mine's not the same. But now I feel it's lacking in pageant titles. . .

tim's wife said...

I have nothing but the utmost respect for anyone who makes a meal out of Ben & Jerrys. Have you tried the Willie Nelson peach cobbler? It's a little bit of heaven.

Phil said...

I think your new blog sub-title should be:

SPILLED MILK: Trying not to royally screw up my own kids since 2006.

If history repeats itself they are going to be under appreciative, extremely spoiled, but will move back to live near us when they have children :)