we're back

Home... aaaaaaah. Came home to a new washer (ours broke three days before we left), a freshly stained porch (thanks, Elysium Painting!) and a vegetable garden overflowing with goodies. Additionally, it appears as though the new Whole Foods has *finally* opened up by our house. (Can anyone confirm that??) 

The kids are nestled all snug in their beds after a 14 hour drive. They were simply amazing in the car and I am so, so fortunate to have such wonderful kids. I will post more about our trip in the next couple of days but for now I must head off to wrap myself in slumber as well.


Steph said...

the new whole foods opens on wednesday!!!! :) welcome home!!!!!

CB said...

That's GREAT news! I know what I'm doing Wednesday... FIELD TRIP!!!!! =)