they really should have just let me take the tylenol.

Here's what I got at CVS this morning for a little over $3 out of pocket:

- 3 Newspapers (it's a good coupon week)
- 4 deodorants
- 1 face cleanser
- 1 infant Tylenol drops
- 3 nail polishes
- 1 protein bar
- 3 packs of chocolate covered peanuts

All I really needed were the newspapers and baby Tylenol; I had to work everything else into my transaction in order to get it for (almost) free.

If I'm stuffing your stocking this year, you will be getting nail polish and chocolate covered peanuts.


Julie Smith said...

Okay, so I am ready to start shopping smart! I already bought the Sunday paper! Where and how should I begin?

the mccollums... said...

daniel already prepped me on the phone this weekend with the "you should really do what cassie is doing" line!! :) $3 is stinkin' awesome...you are my hero!! Thanks for letting my husband crash for the weekend...I'm sure that he had a blast!!

CB said...

Try this website:
Sign up for a free account, click on "grocery specials in my area" and choose a store from the pull down menu. It will tell you what's on sale that week and if there's a coupon to match up. I'll try to put together a more thorough "how to" post in the next week or so.

Jamie... we enjoyed having Daniel visit. How did you like your nail polish? ;)

Dave Q. said...

CVS rocks! And I'm not just saying that because I work on the corporate side of the company. Ok, maybe I am...

CB said...

CVS DOES indeed rock! =) Y'all sure do know how to build brand loyalty. I am a CVS elitist. ;)